Contemporary Games Can Take Up To Three Years To Develop

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We’re starting to writing a book for O’Reilly that’s titled “Enterprise Web Applications: From Desktop to Mobile.” The book will be available under the Creative Commons license, which means you can read it and provide your feedback from the get go. Here’s the github repository where we’ll keep the current version of the book. In the morning we had a discussion about the meaning of the word Enterprise applied to Web applications. Below is the draft we came up with and we ask your input – would you agree or have a different understanding of the meaning of the term “Enterprise Web Application”. The easiest way to do this is by example. Creating a Web application that will place process orders is not the same as creating a Web site to publish blogs. Enterprise applications, including company-specific workflows, might need to be integrated with a number of internal syst... (more)

Doing BI in the Cloud Using PowerBI for Office 365 | @CloudExpo #Cloud

Early last year Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of PowerBI for Office 365. Office is the most used office program and PowerBI brings in great value by providing a self-service means to discover, analyze and visualize data leading to deep insights. Using PowerBI for Office 365 one can easily deploy a cloud-based BI application for sharing insights; collaborating and accessing reports from practically anywhere. Power BI for Office includes the following Microsoft 'Power' tools: Power Query, enabling customers to easily search and access public data and their organization’s data, all within Excel (formerly known as “Data Explorer“). Power Map, a 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data (formerly known as product codename “Geoflow“). Power Pivot for creating and customizing flexible data model... (more)

Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

There is a bit of an entrepreneur in all of us. Most of us just admire these great champions. Others take the plunge and create and build as entrepreneurs themselves. Just about all of us benefit from the results of these heroes of the IT industry. Whoever you are, I would like to draw your attention to some lessons from a master of this art, Gilman Louie of Alsop Louie Partners. Gilman has a great history in IT, including time as a video game designer and time as the first CEO of In-Q-Tel. Gilman gave a talk at Stanford University on 14 February 2012, and this talk was captured in a YouTube video. As a venture capitalist, he had many good points to make to the class. I summarize them below. He started out by explaining why someone would want to create their own job. The two most common reasons he listed seems to be that the person was just fired, or let go; or they... (more)

Cross-Promotion Opportunities for Mobile Game Developers in China

China will have an estimated 100 million smartphone users by the end of the year, and it's a market that is keenly interested in high quality games. The iOS and Android mobile gaming market in China is likely to generate $100 million in revenue this year through in-app advertising, in-app purchases and more. Chinese as well as international developers looking to gain a foothold in the China mobile game market may find that all it takes is a friendly online introduction. One company in this fast-growing industry has launched a new platform to help developers do business with other app developers. Some call it Craigslist for mobile game developers: Guohe MIX is China's new online marketplace where mobile game developers can click choices to indicate their desire to promote their own apps, cross-promote with other apps, entertain promotions for other apps or simply ea... (more)

Java Games Development - Part 2

Part 1 of this series appeared in the August issue of Java Developer's Journal (Vol. 8, issue 8). JDJ: I'd just like to pick up on that 85% portability goal Jeff mentioned earlier. I'm just going on assumptions, but I think if you were developing a title for the PS2, GameCube, and XBox you would attempt to make sure that only the graphics and audio functionality were platform-specific and make the rest of the game as portable as possible. Seventy-five to eighty-five percent portability would therefore seem to be an achievable goal in C/C++, in which case Java has just lost one of its advantages, has it not? Cas P: Usually I'm even more optimistic than Jeff about something here. I think I can achieve 100% portability. By focusing on a "pure Java platform" like the LWJGL (Lightweight Java Gaming Library), which, once you realize you're coding to the LWJGL Java API, not... (more)

CMP Media Acquires MediaLive International's Technology Media Group

MANHASSET, N.Y. and SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CMP Media today announced that it has acquired MediaLive International's Technology Media Group, including a premier portfolio of events, conferences and publications. This acquisition, the sixth in the past five months, further expands CMP Media's brand portfolio and its ability to provide access, insight and actionable programs that more closely connect technology sellers to buyers. MediaLive's brand portfolio includes 20 annual global events spanning emerging, accelerating and established technology markets. These include bellwether events such as Interop, VoiceCon, Next Generation Networks, as well as fast-growing, emerging events such as the Collaborative Technologies Conference, Mobile Business Expo and Web 2.0 (in partnership with O'Reilly Media.) These brands strengthen CMP's event portfol... (more)

Sony Trademarks the Term ‘PS Cloud’

Sony apparently has cloud intentions. Sony Computer Entertainment has asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark on the term "PS Cloud." It's also reportedly registered the domain name "" The broad trademark application, filed March 24 and annoyingly written in all caps, doesn't say exactly what Sony's got in mind for the brand but covers a wide range of cloud possibilities from "providing online video games that users may access through the Internet" to streaming music over the net, producing Internet radio programs, displaying online media such as electronic magazines, books and educational materials - and Sony does have that Kindle-like Sony Reader e-book - as well as video on-demand and e-mail. And it mentions phones a lot. It also covers "computer services, namely application service provider services to third parties featur... (more)

Game 2.0

Game Developer on Ulitzer Microsoft releases a version of an operating system. Then they work at it making it better and release an update. And so on. Microsoft is still selling Windows, but Windows today is not the same Windows from 1990. Some board games also evolve internally, or are adapted and developed by others, in the same way that features from operating systems, browsers, and word processors develop in-house or by building on the competition. Games move online, mechanics from other games make their way into existing ones (like the latest versions of Risk), or other companies make competing but better products. So why did Hasbro update Risk, but leave Monopoly's rules alone? Why are we still playing the same Chess, Scrabble, and Battleship, when, with rare exception due to compatibility, no one uses computer applications that are older than ten years? Sure, ... (more)

Qwisk Socializes Web Browsing

The Social Media Guide The ability to effortlessly share cool things you discover on the Web in real time, with friends, family and business colleagues without ever leaving your browser, just became a reality with today's introduction of Qwisk by WebWean, Inc. at the Realtime CrunchUp conference here in San Francisco. Compatible with all web browsers, Qwisk enables web discovery and social engagement to coexist within everyone's browser with no special downloads - creating a natural, free-flowing space for web exploration and sharing by eliminating the need to jump between applications for even simple communication. "Until now, browsing the web was a solitary act," explains Zack Garbow, co-founder of Qwisk. "But, when you find something cool, you naturally want to share it with others. That's where the problems begin." According to Garbow, not everyone understands h... (more)

Spoon Launches Cloud Computing Gaming Service

Spoon, a Seattle-based virtualization and Cloud Computing company specializing in letting users launch desktop apps via a plug-in but with no further installs, has launched its Spoon Cloud Gaming service, a free service that delivers on-demand desktop games. More than 200 titles were offered at launch, including Jewel Quest and Farm Frenzy as well as the massively multiplayer game Second Life. Gaming seems to be a natural fit with Cloud Computing's elasticity. Company Founder and CEO Kenji Obata is making this theory real, noting that Spoon is "(bringing) virtualization to the gaming community," adding that the company's approach is to use "a hybrid of remote and local computing resources, reducing bandwidth requirements while ensuring smooth, uninterrupted game play." Sounds like a trend to me. ... (more)

This Week in Cloud, October 12, 2012: IBM & AT&T’s cloud offering, CIO survey reveal cloud growth, Cloud cartoon caption contest. And more…

Watch CloudViews Unplugged! Watch the October episode of CloudViews Unplugged – a monthly video blog analyzing the top cloud news stories. Cloud News IBM and AT&T are teaming up to deliver new cloud services over private networks, according to this ComputerWorld article. As part of the new offering, customers will have access to IBM’s cloud resources over AT&T’s virtual private network, which the companies claim will result in improved security. A recent survey reveals that companies are seeing mostly positive results from adopting cloud technology, according to this article. The Navint Partners report which showcased the results of a Fortune 500 roundtable survey of 20 CIOs, reveals that those companies are achieving the expected cost savings, efficiency and competitive advantage benefits. Amazon announced this week that they’ve seen a rapid rise in cloud... (more)